IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME is caused by a lack of enzymes required to digest proteins, fats and  certain sugars and fibre.

Undigested carbohydrates ferment in the intestines producing large volumes of gas, alcohol, lactic and acetic acids.

All these by-products enter into the bloodstream, thereby affecting the entire body ie the skin, eyes and joints.

FRUCTOSE – found in all fruits, the natural sweetener/sugar, also in honey and corn sweetener, many people are unable to convert fructose to glucose.

LACTOSE – the natural sugar in milk.

SORBITOL AND MANNITOL – found in sugar-free lollies, chewing gum and toothpaste.

FIBRE – difficult to digest and can therefore ferment in the bowel, creating gas and acids.

Fermentation of the above foods causes diarrhoea, irritation of the bowel and external tissues surrounding the anus, gas and possibly mucus and/or blood in the faeces.

AVOID FRUCTOSE – no oranges, nor their juice, avoid all fruits and their juices, honey, jam, syrups or corn sweetener and restrict sugar.

AVOID LACTOSE – ie milk, chocolate, icecream, cream, whey.

PERMITTED – butter, cheese, cottage cheese and yoghurt (most lactose is removed during production).

SORBITOL AND MANNITOL – see above section and avoid listed items.

FIBRE – wholemeal breads and wholegrain cereals, wheat bran, beans and sweetcorn should be avoided.

AVOID ALSO – whole nuts and seeds and grains, instead eat them in paste or powdered form, chilli, curry, pepper and all “hot”, spicy foods and observe whether lettuce or tomatoes represent a problem to you.

This diet is not totally balanced, consult a Naturopath for important advice on how to optimise your digestive and nutritional status.  Guess-work and fear of the wrong choice are eliminated and you will be eating to suit your, individual body.

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