More and more is being discovered during controlled tests on the functions and beneficial effects of the mineral MAGNESIUM.

MAGNESIUM is predominantly found inside the cells so it is no surprise to realise that it activates enzyme systems in the energy cycle.

Sufferers of chronic fatigue syndrome often feel much more energetic when taking a MAGNESIUM supplement.

MAGNESIUM has proven to increase bone density in osteoporotic women, more efficiently than does calcium alone, due to the fact that it is required to make the structural struts of bone, the trabeculae, onto which Calcium is deposited.

A laxative effect can be achieved with the administration of MAGNESIUM.

Mental and muscular stress and tension ease away under the influence of MAGNESIUM.

Excitable, hyperactive children can become calmer and more relaxed.

The smooth muscles of the respiratory system relax to varying degrees, a great assistance for asthmatics as they notice their peak flows increased capacity.

Following 9 to 12 weeks of MAGNESIUM supplementation, the frequency of migraine headaches was reduced, so also the number of days the attack lasted and the consumption of drugs used to alleviate pain.

Pregnancy induced leg cramps and general leg cramps perhaps experienced by elderly people, respond to MAGNESIUM as the muscles are enabled to relax properly.

A growing body of studies suggests that MAGNESIUM may play a key role in insulin-mediated glucose uptake, the mineral is beneficial in cases of diabetes and low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia).

MAGNESIUM is essential for a healthy heart and patients with high blood pressure benefit from a decrease in arterial blood pressure by relaxing and dilating the smooth muscle walls.

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