The CHOLERIC personality is ruled by initiative, impulse and intuition, they are heavily muscular and hairy with dry, yellow skin and are keen sportsmen, adventurers and explorers.

Due to an emotional make-up, digestive disturbances are common, an emotional flare-up will cause an accumulation of toxins and adrenalin, the liver is often upset, and there may be disturbances in the bile.

To avoid such accumulations, keep active, thereby burning up the excesses, a sedentary life and consequent pent-up energies will reveal in appendicitis, ulceration and/or gall and liver disease.

Temper bouts, rage and being “hard to live with”, along with a penchant for rich foods in abundant varieties are characteristics of the CHOLERIC person.

Camping holidays provide the ideal mixture of necessary relaxation along with stimulating physical activities, and an early retirement to the country, if possible, is recommended.

High blood pressure and excessive body electricity are common features, cold water hydrotherapy such as swimming is healing, however, cold showers develop body electricity, so a warm bath before retiring is most suitable.

A lacto-vegetarian diet assists in avoidance of toxic build-up, ensure too, that the bowels open daily, do not use fermentive food combinations ie fruit, sugar, malt, yeast and vinegar.

If at times the CHOLERIC system is overstimulated, promote healing with sweet, watery herbs and foods such as nasturtium, watercress, chickweed, citrus fruits, melons and cucumber.

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