THE SANGUINE personality will not readily seek medical help.

Physically, they present a rounded body, good muscle tone, well proportioned features and smooth skin that feels warm to the touch, soft and slightly moist.

Their pulse is rapid and they possess a good circulatory system.

SANGUINE people are happy people, they don’t brood or develop a negative mental atmosphere, they are good mixers, enjoy the company of others and are often prone to “hurry” about, then, the breathing becomes shallow, they become excited and nervous and can lose control.

A good sense of balance and intuition are part of THE SANGUINE make-up; heavy medicines and stimulants don’t suit.

Diet-wise, choose dry foods, that are easy to digest, eating small portions at a time, fruit and salads are especially suitable, take dried tropical fruits into the diet and avoid sugary foods, they distinctly disagree, honey is a more suitable choice.

If THE SANGUINE person becomes ill, they will recover most readily in a changed climate, in an environment of flowers, light  music and peaceful companions.

Swedish massage and yoga are their most suited forms of exercise, avoid gymnastics or any over-exertion and hydrotherapy, they should swim only in mild weather.

Impaired circulation will cause conditions of the mucous membranes to develop ie catarrh and/or bronchitis, in THE SANGUINE BODY TYPE.

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