ADD or ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER is a developmental disorder of learning and social behaviour, back in the 1970 to 80’s it was termed hyperactivity, currently it is usually subclassified according to those who exhibit overactivity and those without.

The general understanding is that ADD is linked to an insufficiency of neurotransmitters produced in the pineal gland in the brain.

The pineal gland stores more zinc than any other area of the body, persons deficient in zinc sometimes display the symptoms of ADD, these include:  disturbed sleep patterns, disturbed eating patterns, early speech difficulties, restlessness, very short attention span, visual or auditory short term memory loss, a high level of physical activity, clumsiness, impulsiveness, problems in  learning, spelling, reading and/or numeration, low self esteem, aggressiveness.

Zinc requirements are increased during in-utero development and childhood growth spurts, especially for boys, and during times of stress, as zinc is required for the synthesis of adrenalin.  In fact the hyperactivity syndrome is more prevalent in boys than girls at the ratio of 9:1 and ADD 4:1

Dietary sources of zinc are:  steak, eggs, sunflower seed, sesame seed, pumpkin seed, pecans, legumes and beans.

ADD can be caused or partly caused at birth through forceps delivery or Caesarean delivery, causing trauma to neck vertebrae, thereby disturbing the nerves to the brain.  Have this assessed by a chiropractor.

Definite dietary restrictions need to be adhered to stringently, it has been found that those with ADD cannot handle the sugar molecule, label read carefully and avoid too all food colourings in toothpastes, tomato sauce, lollies, soft drinks etc.

Naturopathic prescription of relevant medications is an important part of any successful treatment of ADD.

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