The first flow of mammalian milk is a yellow, sticky fluid named COLOSTRUM.

COLOSTRUM has always been considered as a good start to life, providing a rich source of proteins and immunoglobulins that promote healthy flora colonisation of the bowel and strengthening and  modulation of the immune system.

Growth hormone, used by body builders and athletes to build muscle mass, is found in COLOSTRUM.

Many disease causing bacteria and fungi which are found to be responsible for inflamed stomach, bowel, and diarrhoea, are diminished or eliminated by these immunoglobulins.

A research team from The University of South Australia, headed by exercise physiologist Jon Buckley, records that a group of 39 endurance athletes when subjected to a bout of maximal exercise, then a short break, followed by another session of maximal exercise, displayed a significantly improved capacity.

The results of the trial indicate that these effects may include:  decreased muscle damage during exercise and increased feelings of “wellness” and less actual illness during the trial period.

Growth hormone is banned by The International Olympic Committee, however, authorities deem that a COLOSTRUM formula is a dairy product/food, not a drug.

We believe, we are what we eat and how well we digest what we eat, our body feeds off of the contents of the bowel.  It is easy to appreciate that improved health and immunity within the gastro-intestinal tract will enhance the health and development of the neuro-muscular system.

COLOSTRUM will give you a head-start in the arenas of good health and immunity; most Naturopaths such as myself can make it available to you, so for further enquiries phone Carolyn on 0427239676.



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