An ancient saying from the book of Proverbs says “a merry heart does good like a medicine”, in other words, LAUGHTER has a healing effect on the body.

Modern medical science has discovered the remedial effect of LAUGHTER on cancer and arthritis patients, those patients who have been prescribed a daily viewing of comedy movies or cartoons have responded  to treatment much more rapidly than the control group who didn’t have a daily “mirth injection”.

The benefits of a good belly laugh are extensive.  First lets look at the influence on the lymphatic system which is comprised of a system of tubules traversing the entire body, in which there flows a clear milky-consistency fluid called lymph.

The lymph collects toxins, metabolic wastes, bacteria and virus from all over the body and transports it to filtration depots – the lymph nodes, which are found in greater concentrations in the groin, under the arms and under the lower jaw-ears.

Now getting back to the lymph tubules, they are made of smooth muscle which responds to nervous stimulation by contracting or dilating.  Stress, tension and nervous anxiety cause evident muscular contractions in external muscles such as those in the neck and shoulders and these contractions occur within the body too.  The smooth muscles of the lymph tubes contract, narrowing the diameter of the lumen, slowing the rate of flow and efficiency of cleansing of the lymph fluids.

Special virus and bacteria fighting cells called lymphocytes which reside in the lymph fluid and nodes are then not readily available.

Lymph flow is normally accelerated by deep breathing which involves changes in chest and abdominal cavity pressure gradients which pumps the lymph along; as does physical exerise – muscular contraction.  Have you ever laughed that much that you’ve suffered with sore stomach muscles?

Lots of LAUGHTER which involves deep breathing and muscular contractions boost the efficiency of the immune system.

Good solid LAUGHTER means one is deep breathing and oxygenating the system, oxygen being the source of life within the body which gives us feelings of more energy and less tiredness.

LAUGHTER brings about the release of certain hormones called endorphins, these natural chemicals are desirable for their capacity to reduce pain levels by blocking pain registration.  They are also mood elevators or happiness hormones which in large quantities are capable of inducing a state of euphoria.

Try laughing your way to better health!

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