Most of us suffer the annoyance of ACNE/pimples during early teenage years.

Hormonal surges play havoc with the skin, extra oil (sebum) is secreted from the pores, some of this blocks the excretory channels and infection can then easily develop.

Washing the face too regularly with above luke-warm water increases the flow and production of sebum and possible infection-ACNE.

Squeezing outbreaks bursts minute blood vessels and lymph vessels, there is a further build-up of waste product in the area and decreased efficiency in waste removal with busted lymph vessels, fluid builds up in the area and infection ensues.

If ACNE persists into adulthood, one would need to consider:

  1. hormonal inbalance
  2. impurities in the blood and lymph
  3. inefficient elimination of waste product
  4. possible constipation
  5. gall disorder which leads to improper fats digestion and subsequent congestion of the fats carrying lymphatic tubules
  6. sluggish liver function and deficient filtering of and detoxification of the blood

A cleansing juice fast, under Naturopathic supervision, or elimination from the diet of all flesh foods, eggs, dairy products, sugars, white flour products and citrus juice, usually brings about a noticeable improvement quite quickly.

Gentle massage of the upper body, promoting lymphatic drainage, is beneficial.

Easy remedial measures include:  facial mask of grated cucumber or oatmeal cooked in milk, apply for half an hour and then wash off.

For advice concerning the afore-mentioned contributing factors, and the best herbal, mineral, vitamin and topical lotion remedies to use for your individual case of ACNE, consult a Naturopath or contact me for your appointment on 0427239676.



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