THRUSH is more commonly seen in women than men, however, I believe that many men suffer the disorder without being aware of it, the symptoms are more easily realised and displayed in women as it spreads from the bowel to the vagina, causing tenderness and constant itchiness.  This is not the limit of the extent of the invasive capacities of THRUSH, it can spread right throughout the gastro-intestinal tract, emerging in the mouth and it can be seen in fungal infections of the finger nails.

If you have developed a respiratory tract infection and “gone and got something for it” ie antibiotics, many of you may be noticing symptoms of THRUSH-CANDIDA overgrowth.

Living in the bowel naturally there are “friendly bacteria” ie Acidopholus, Bifidus, Bulgaricus and many others, and “bad bacteria” CANDIDA ALBICANS.  The friendly bacteria have the special job of keeping under control the populations of Candida.  Antibiotics are not discriminatory in this area, they kill off good, helpful bacteria, as well as the harmful, this gives rise to opportunistic increase of Candida to out of control levels.

You may be noticing the genital discomfort, bowel actions verging on diarrhoea with foul odor, constipation, abdominal bloat worsening as you eat more throughout the day, windy bowels, noticeably low energy levels, craving for sweet food, poor concentration and a ‘spaced out’  feeling.

High levels of stress undermine the immune system and can catalyse THRUSH and so too the excessive eating of yeast and sugar containing foods.

Speaking of food, THRUSH thrive beautifully on foods and drinks containing yeast, sugar, malts and vinegars, you need to starve them out by strictly avoiding these foods.  Many packaged, tinned and processed foods contain hidden sources of these contributing foods so practise avid label reading.

THRUSH can be transmitted to one’s partner during sexual intercourse so it is wise to always treat both the husband and wife.

This condition is curable, from the very young to the older person; consult myself for pertinent dietary advice and remedies.

Phone 0427239676, your future health depends on the control of THRUSH – CANDIDA ALBICANS.

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