We can all choose to compensate, to create a balance, by choosing healthy foods and living principles before, that is now, and after Christmas and New Year.

Start drinking 2 litres of water daily, at room temperature, monitor your progress by filling an old juice container first thing every morning.

If you are drinking alcohol, drink lots of water during and after, especially before retiring.

Chew food well, each mouth- full twenty times, stage one of digestion takes place in the mouth, unless food is masticated and coated well with saliva, digestion in the stomach and bowels will be impaired.

Assess your digestion now, if you burp, suffer indigestion, heartburn, flatus, and irregular bowel actions, there are problems with digestion and you will not handle well the coming times of change in diet and possible excess.

Invest in a digestive enzyme supplement, under the supervision of your Naturopath, not any one will do, in fact some are detrimental to some existing health disorders.

Prepare the LIVER for the onslaught, clean out your body at the cellular level, all of your organs will benefit too if you undertake an elimination diet, under Naturopathic supervision.

Follow this deep cleansing and healing with ideally 80% of your diet comprising raw vegetables, fruit, salad, millet, buckwheat, almonds and brazil nuts, these are all alkaline foods.  Balance with 20% of your diet being acidic ie meat, grains-cereal foods.

Choose the least fatty foods, dairy products can be the fattiest food we eat, if we’re unable to digest them properly, the LIVER will become infiltrated with fat, a dysfunctional condition called “FATTY LIVER‘.

LIVER CLEANSE RECIPE:  half a large beetroot, 2 medium apples, 2cm piece fresh ginger, chop and combine in a juice extractor, actually enjoyable!

Drink Dandelion coffee, a great healer of the LIVER, reduce regular coffee to no more than 2 cups daily.

For advice on herbs prescribed to heal, cleanse and rejuvenate the LIVER, yielding more energy, less bloat and digestive disorders, please telephone me on 0427239676.


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