The beautiful white or yellow flowers of EVENING PRIMROSE are unique in that they bloom for one night only and wither the next day.

American Red Indian tribes have recorded for centuries their usage of the oils externally on wounds and infections and internally for coughs and colds, and for its sedative and diuretic properties.

EVENING PRIMROSE OIL is extracted from the seeds and its fantastic effects include:  inducing weight loss without dieting, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, it prevents and alleviates arthritis, improves and often heals eczema, reduces acne outbreak, calms hyperactive children, strengthens fingernails, dispels hangovers, heals inflammatory bowel syndrome, resolves breast lumps, relieves PMT symptoms and depression.

An essential fatty acid called gamma linolenic acid, which has its richest source in EVENING PRIMROSE OIL, is thought to be the secret behind the exciting efficacy of this special oil.  GLA instigates the production of hormone type substances called prostaglandins which stimulate and control many bodily functions, in particular those of a hormonal nature.  Deficiency in prostaglandins has been reported to cause heart attack and hypertension, arthritis, menstrual cramp, allergies, asthma, migraines, infertility and glaucoma.

Weight loss is thought to be promoted by prostaglandins stimulating dormant brown fat to burn calories more rapidly and they increase the excretion of sodium, and with it, excess fluids.

Common margarine and oils contain another fatty acid that blocks the formation of GLA, so it makes sense to take EVENING PRIMROSE OIL.  Linseed oil is another excellent source of gamma linolenic acid.

For further advice on all things associated with EVENING PRIMROSE OIL please telephone me on 0427239676.

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