As the incidence of stress, anxiety attacks, fear and depression increases in our community, so too should our efforts to discover a safe, gentle method of healing the mental, emotional and spiritual being.

It is true, the way we think and feel emotionally has a direct and powerful impact on the body; often we are unhappy and struggling emotionally with a repetitive negative thought, it is then that we succumb to physical sickness too.

Clinical trials and observations of my own with patients who have been suffering life debilitating negative thought processes, have revealed the outstanding success of the Bach Wildflower Remedies in achieving a total change of mind-set, which can be described as remarkable.

Dr Edward Bach, a prominent Harley Street physician, between the year 1930 and 1936, found, perfected and put to use the essences of the petals of English wild flowers for the healing of the mood and temperament of the patient.

The remedies can be used in conjunction with any other form of treatment.

Persons of any age and their pet animals can safely use the essences.

During a process of consultation in clinic the best remedy/remedies can be selected, considering the individual and their particular circumstances of life, and their moods.

Any healing agent that works safely and so effectively, proving itself over a period of 70 years is worth rediscovering.

Please allow me to assist as you discover and experience healing via the essences, which can enable you to start your new, happier life.   Phone 0427239676

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Baldness occurs most commonly in the adult male, due to excessive production of male sex hormones, which causes thickening of the galea and resultant constriction of capillaries and impaired blood supply to the hair roots.

Isolated small patches of ALOPECIA are often caused by emotional stress and once the stressor is eliminated the hair will regrow.

Hair is rich in the mineral Silicon and is composed of protein called Keratin, therefore a silicon-rich diet is recommended, ie alfalfa, horsetail herb, Stinging Nettle, onion, oats, buckwheat, millet, rice, rye and sesame seed.   Choose vegetable protein sources which are more easily digested and assimilated ie, sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seed, almonds, buckwheat, millet, beans, lentils and fresh wheat germ.

Avoid salt and sugar which can cause dandruff and hair loss.   Tobacco impairs circulation to the extremities.

Improve circulation to the head by practising inverted postures two to three times daily ie modified headstand, the plough, downward dog.   Lie on a slant board for fifteen minutes, two times daily, massage the scalp, brush hair daily,  avoid too regular shampooing and plan on reducing prolonged mental work and mental stress which constrict blood vessels in the head.

Treatment from your Naturopath can include prescription of Vitamins, specific minerals and herbs, professional advice re dosages is very important.

To restore hair color try black strap molasses or two tablespoons of sea water daily, taken orally.

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The overweight male will carry 15 – 20% of body weight as fat and the obese male in excess of 20%.   The overweight female carries 25 – 35% of body weight as fat and the obese, in excess of 35% body fat.

30 gram of protein yields 116 calories, 20 gram of carbohydrate contains 116 calories and 30 gram of fat yields 263 calories so we can see why the body conserves excess calories as fat.

Overweight people can be so for the following reasons:   metabolic imbalance and fluid retention, pituitary or thyroid gland or liver or pancreas imbalance, or perhaps emotions such as depression, frustration, insecurity, guilt or boredom are factors involved.   Often though it is a matter of what we put in our mouth and lack of exercise.

Then of late the hypothesis of the existence of “the thrifty gene” is gaining wide acceptance.   Extensive studies have shown the relationship between genetic inheritance and being overweight.   The chances of two obese parents producing an obese child is known to be about 80%, with one obese parent 40% and neither parents obese, around 7%.   Infants and young  children who are fed large portions develop an excess of fat cells and become overweight, and remain that way, with a usually voracious appetite.

Some health problems associated with carrying excess weight are:   high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and circulatory disorders and arthritis.

Many overweight people are undernourished, especially if their dietary focus is on refined “junk” food which can lead to low blood sugar levels and an associated constant craving for food, the sweeter the better.   A change in eating patterns is required to be able to lose weight.

Four to six meals of equal size, daily, or “grazing” has proven to promote weight loss as the pancreas is gently stimulated, keeping blood sugar levels relatively steady.   In this way all cells are being nourished thoroughly, regularly, including those of brain that need to register satisfaction and satiated appetite.   We should stop eating at the first sign of fullness or satisfaction.   The stomach size will adapt to smaller meals and one will feel satisfied with far less food.

If you want to lose weight, start by eating the evening meal from a side plate, store tempting foods out of sight, but better still, DON’T BUY THEM.   Enjoy a large breakfast, medium size lunch and small tea/dinner.   Pin up a photograph of yourself at an ideal weight and keep looking at your goal, planning and expecting to look like that soon.    MOST IMPORTANT, after Doctor’s permission, exercise for one hour daily, six days per week.   Drink two litres of water daily.   Reduce consumption of grain based foods and animal fats.

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PROTECTION FROM HEART DISEASE   those people who eat the highest amount of animal fat have more than twice the risk of death from heart disease than those who do not.

PROTECTION FROM CANCER   avoiding red meat appears to lower the risk of colon and bladder cancer.

OTHER HEALTH BENEFITS   vegetarian diets have been linked to a reduction of high blood pressure, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, obesity and constipation.

ON BALANCE   eating adequate amounts of beneficial dietary factors such as fruit, vegetables, nuts and whole-grains may be even more important than avoiding harmful factors.

WHOLE-GRAIN CEREALS   high fibre intakes are associated with decreased risk of heart disease, colon and other types of cancer.

FABULOUS FRUITS   frequent consumption of fruit (3 serves daily), even by people who eat meat, is associated with decreased risk of cancer of the lung, prostate and pancreas.   Fruits contain many types of active compounds which could protect against disease and stimulate the immune system.

THE PLUSES OF PULSES  frequent consumption of legumes is linked with decreased incidence of pancreatic and colon cancer in those who do eat meat.

GO NUTS   eating nuts four to five times per week can reduce the risk of heart disease by 50%.

MANY VEGETARIANS LACK VITAMIN B12   vegetarians need to eat at least three serves of reliable Vitamin B12 containing foods each day or take a Vitamin B12 supplement.   For lacto-ovo vegetarians – eggs, milk, yoghurt and other dairy products.

BONE UP ON CALCIUM   Vegans, (who do not eat dairy products), can exhibit bone mineral densities that are significantly lower than other groups.

Lacto-ovo vegetarians, (who eat eggs and milk), have adequate bone mineral densities with similar values to omnivores,( who eat meat).








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THE THYROID GLAND is located just below the thyroid cartilage which covers the larynx.

It is composed of follicles, separate glands with no openings and is supplied richly with blood and lymph which enables adequate provision of iodine and the transport medium for the dispersal of thyroid hormones throughout the body.

Changes in activity and size occur during puberty, pregnancy, stress and the menstrual cycle.

The measure of plasma-protein-bound iodine is the index of thyroid function.

Release of thyroid hormones increases the basal metabolic rate ie the rate at which we convert food to energy, rather than fat.

Thyroid hormones promote the building of new cells during growth periods, however, this is the reverse in hyperthyroid adults who are in a catabolic state which results in muscle break-down/loss.   The hormones also have much to do with glucose metabolism and the mobilization and oxidation of fatty acids and the break-down of cholesterol.

Low thyroid function – Hypothyroidism – is characterised by a fluidy thickening of the skin, especially below the eyes, and of the lips, fingers and legs.   Symptoms are:   low basal metabolic rate and associated weight gain, lethargy, mental slowness, cool and dry skin, low heart rate and blood pressure, hair loss and heavier menstrual flow.

Excessive thyroid function – Hyperthyroidism or Grave’s Disease – symptoms are:   the person becomes excitable, nervous, with increased pulse and basal metabolic rate, increased body temperature and intolerance to heat, weight loss, increased appetite, hand tremor and a bulging eyeball appearance.

THE THYROID GLAND also secretes a hormone called Calcitonin which lowers  blood Calcium levels by inhibiting bone resorption.

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The adrenal hormones Cortisol and DHEA are steroids produced in the adrenal cortex, actively involved in the body’s development, growth, immune response and cardio-vascular function.

They affect carbohydrate, protein and lipid metabolism, serve as anti-imflammatory agents, modulate thyroid function and increase resistance to STRESS, thus, changing amounts of DHEA and Cortisol may signal important alterations in adrenal function that can profoundly affect an individual’s energy levels, emotional state, disease resistance and general sense of well-being.

The adrenals have one of the highest blood flow rates of any tissue in the body, so the hormones they produce can trigger reactions in all parts of the body.

Cortisol levels rise dramatically with STRESS, prolonging your body’s “fight or flight’ response.   If your body is producing too much or too little Cortisol, you may feel some of the following symptoms:

WEAKNESS AND FATIGUE  –  Cortisol imbalances can throw off balance the body’s sugar metabolism making you feel weak, tired and run-down.   Too much Cortisol can also interfere with sleep patterns and produce a “wakeful” unrelaxing sleep state, so you may feel worn out even after a full night’s sleep.

JOINT AND MUSCLE PAIN  –  Excess Cortisol in the blood- stream accelerates the breakdown of body tissue and prevents  proper tissue repair, leading to muscle and joint injuries and chronic pain.

OBESITY  –  Cortisol imbalances can stimulate fat deposits in various parts of the body, resulting in weight gains in the trunk, chest, neck and face.

POOR SKIN  –  High levels of Cortisol can reduce the skin’s ability to regenerate, resulting in an unhealthy appearance of the skin.

Over time, Cortisol imbalances can take a heavy toll on your health,  wearing down your immune system, triggering premature aging and setting the stage for chronic illness.   Anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, AIDS, cancer, obesity, osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease and chronic joint/muscle pain have all been linked with elevated Cortisol.



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Epidemics of MEASLES usually recur every two to three years and are most common in winter or spring.

The Australian government is concerned about an epidemic here this year and is encouraging vaccination to “prevent” MEASLES.

The virus that causes MEASLES is spread by droplet infection.  Incubation period is 9 to 14 days, the patient can transmit the disease from 3 to 4 days before the rash appears (at the hairline and behind the ears and inside the cheeks) until the rash begins to fade.     At the third or fourth day the patient’s temperature is generally between 103 and 104 F.

Complications:   encephalitis, pneumonia, middle ear infection and mastoiditis.

PATIENT CARE:   The patient should be kept in bed, well rested, as long as the fever and rash continue.   Bathing in luke-warm or tepid water can help lower an elevated temperature.

At the beginning of the disease, unless the patient is severely ill, do not take them to the Dr’s surgery or health care facility or hospital as this increases the risk of infection to those for whom MEASLES might be dangerous ie immuno-compromised adults and infants.

Water and fluids in abundance reduce the fever, so do specific homoeopathics.

The sick room should be well ventilated and warm, draw the blinds if the patient is sensitive to light.

If the itch prevents the patient from resting, apply calamine lotion or corn starch solution or plain cool water or sponge down with half vinegar half water solution.

MEASLES lower the body’s resistance, anyone with a cold or cough should be kept away from the patient.

Administer Calendula tea, 1 tablespoon 2 hourly, Sage and Yarrow reduce temperature.

Vitamin A has been shown in many studies to be capable of alleviating the symptoms of severe MEASLES infection.   Doctors used Vitamin A as early as 1932 to reduce hospital mortality.

Consult me, Carolyn, for advice re dosages and other therapies relative to the MEASLES, please phone 0427239676,

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Most LECITHIN is derived from soya beans which contain .3 to .6% lecithin.

Composed of a mixture of phospho-lipids, phosphoric acid, the two B group vitamins Choline and Inositol and the amino acid Methionine, LECITHIN is a body fat found in all body cells but most abundantly in the liver and brain.

It aids in the transport of fats around the body and helps disperse unhealthy deposits of fat and cholesterol.   Along with cholesterol, it is essential to the production of bile, the liver produces it continuously, as it does cholesterol.

LECITHIN supplements at the rate of 85 gram daily can lower cholesterol levels.   Due to its emulsifying action it can help keep cholesterol in the bile soluble, thus preventing the formation of gall stones.

Dieters can notice improved weight loss as LECITHIN converts body fats to energy more quickly and disperses long-standing fat stores.

Students and others wishing to improve brain function find that LECITHIN improves the memory, the component Choline is needed for the formation of acetyl-choline, an essential nerve impulse conductor.    Thus elderly people and those suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, Pre-senile Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease often notice the benefits of a daily supplement of LECITHIN, either in granule or capsule form.   The granules taste quite agreeable and can be sprinkled on breakfast cereal or any other food.   Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.   Check for a rich yellowish color, if it is brownish it has oxidised for too long and is too stale to purchase.

Natural sources of LECITHIN are:   cold pressed vegetable oils  (always stored in glass bottles), egg yolk, nuts, seeds and soya beans.

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It is possible that many hard-to-diagnose illnesses might simply be HYPOGLYCEMIA which can cause such diverse symptoms as nervousness, exhaustion, headaches, insomnia, digestive disturbances, palpitations of the heart, muscle pain, blurred vision, “crawling” of the skin, breathlessness, to mention just a few.

LOW BLOOD SUGAR is the reverse situation of diabetes and is caused by an over- reactive pancreas producing too much insulin which quickly transports glucose into the cells leaving the blood quite depleted.  Insulin breaks down much more slowly than sugar and remains circulating in the blood for several hours, continuing its lowering of BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS.

So the very worst thing to do is to eat something loaded with sugar, yet this is the craving that HYPOGLYCEMICS contend with as the brain registers not enough blood sugars for it to use as fuel.  Do strictly avoid anything containing sugar ie cakes, biscuits, ice-cream, soft drinks, lollies, alcohol, dried fruit etc.  Instead choose foods that are made up of complex carbohydrates, complex meaning that the food digests very slowly, over a 5 to 6 hour period, sending a slow but consistent trickle of glucose into the bloodstream,  and so not overstimulating the pancreas.  Such foods have a Low Glycemic Index and Low Glycemic Load.

Ideal foods include wholegrain breads and cereals, bananas, brown rice, legumes, beans, corn, buckwheat, millet, soured low fat milk products, sour fruits in preference to sweet, melons, strawberries and vegetables except potato, sweet potato, carrot and peas.

A glucose tolerance test will assess the possibility of the disorder, the test is taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.   A blood sample is taken, then a solution containing 100 grams of glucose is drunk and 2 blood tests are taken at 30 minute intervals and then 5 samples of blood are taken at 1 hourly intervals there-after.

Specific herbs and minerals and vitamins help regulate BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS.

HYPOGLYCEMICS should give up junk food for good.

For further advice and professional prescription, please contact me, Carolyn, on 0427239676.

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Approximately 60% of all people over 60 years have low acid levels in their stomach and about 10% of all 10 year olds also have this deficiency ie a lack of vital Hydrochloric Acid and the enzyme Pepsin.

This is more common amongst those with higher stress levels which prevents oxygen from nourishing the cells of excretion in the stomach.

Most people also overwork the stomach by eating whilst stressed, watching TV or on the run.

They eat poorly combined food, many drink with meals which dilutes the stomach digestive juices, and many eat too much sugar which contributes to fermentation of the food and subsequent production of lots of gas, injurious acids and toxins ( poisonous disease-producing substances).

There are degrees of HCL insufficiency, from mild to significant.

Deficiency of HCL causes one to have deficiencies in Amino Acids and major minerals like Calcium and Magnesium which often leads to respiratory problems and connective tissue disorders, circulatory and hormonal deficiencies and even depression, due to a lack of amino acids for regulating neuro-transmitter production.

Food allergies are very common, and pernicious anemia, belching, burping, indigestion, heartburn, bloating, abdominal pain, fungal overload, bowel spasms and constipation or diarrhoea.

Naturopaths are able to assess your stomach function, the health of the stomach mucosa ie whether the stomach is inflamed or not, and diagnosis and prescription of healing agents will be entirely dependent on this careful, individual examination and assessment.

This is one of those situations where self-diagnosis and treatment is definitely counter-productive, the telling question is, “is the stomach under-producing or over-producing Hydrochloric Acid and Pepsin?”.

Appointment for your personal assessment can be made by phoning Carolyn on 0427239676.

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