A low carbohydrate diet and regular  morning exercise are the key to fat loss.   The body will be forced to burn carbohydrates first or diabetes ensues, so if one is on a high carbohydrate diet, usually only those carbs will be used during exercise and the fat belly will remain untouched.

The best exercise combination is aerobic and resistance training.   Do exercise first thing in the morning before eating, otherwise only breakfast will be burnt up.   An additional bonus is the metabolic rate will be set for the day at a higher click.   Just drink water until after exercise is done for the day.

All healthy non-animal foods are carbs but living foods are mainly water, ie broccoli is 5% carbs and brown rice is 70% carbs.

Grains have been introduced to the human diet recently, compared to fruit, vegetables, seeds and legumes, as seen in The Bible records of Earth’s history.   Grains are comprised of 50% to 80% carbs.  The body protects itself by burning carbs and sugars first.

Low carb diets improve cholesterol readings also.

Carrying excess fat increases estrogen production, and storage in fat cells.   A BMI  in excess of 30 is classified as obesity and estrogen concentrations are 60% to 219% higher than in thin women.   BMI and  elevated estrogen levels are related to multiple hormonal cancers ie breast cancer.   A ketogenic, low carb diet starves cancer and supplies extra fat and protein for specific needs.

Professional support and advice can be so helpful in achieving fat loss goals, and improving overall health in so many ways.



Metabolic Syndrome patients present with large waist circumference, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, and blood sugar, pancreas and insulin level abnormalities.

Such patients are showing  a blood clotting tendency and can be served well by daily low dose, enteric coated Aspirin.  Aspirin is contra-indicated in patients with gastro-intestinal inflammation or ulcer or history of internal bleed.

A weight loss, and dietary program and exercise for 30 minutes daily effectively lowers high insulin levels and high blood pressure.  Maintaining high fitness levels promotes lower levels of inflammatory blood proteins, inflammation through the body notably results in diseases as mentioned above.

Daily intake of Green Tea reduces body weight and waist circumference by up to 5% as it stimulates thermogenesis, the burning up of fat.

Psyllium, the husks and hulls  of an Indian corn, greatly reduced LDL in 24 weeks, and as such is recognised as an alternative  to drug therapy, along with Policosanol, the waxy portion of the stem of sugar cane.

100 gram of dark chocolate per day, around 80%, lowers blood pressure and increases Insulin sensitivity.

If you have any questions, please do contact me, this blog is just a snippet on the topic.   Phone 0427  239 676







Bushes, shrubs, flowers, trees and grasses release their pollens into the air and if we are allergic to any of these we develop hayfever and inflammation of the sinus cavities in the forehead and cheek bones.

Sinusitis can be instigated by allergic reaction to cat fur, dog hair, horse hair, feathers, petrochemicals, cleaning agents, perfumes, dust and house dust mite.

Confusion with milk allergy symptoms can occur, ie congested  or runny nose and mucus build up in the throat and bronchials.

Test to discover the offending allergen, remove dairy products from the diet for twelve days and then reintroduce and observe symptoms.   Check for reactions when close to your pets.   Try replacing the feather filled continental quilt or pillow.   You may care to ask your Doctor to define your allergies via skin reaction testing on the inner arm.

In this  position of knowledge we can prevent sinusitis by using homoeopathic formulas for about six weeks before the prime sneezing season, taking small doses of the offending allergen desensitizes  the system and hopefully you wont suffer next season.

Taken all year round, Bee pollen, Garlic, Vitamin C, B5 and B6, help prevent sinusitis and hayfever.

To obtain relief during a current attack, immerse the hands in a bowl of hot water, as hot as you can take it.  Or prepare a cabbage poultice by rolling a cabbage leaf till pliable and strap it across the congested sinus area.

The herbs Horseradish, Fennel, Fenugreek and Mullein dissolve mucus that may have dried and become an obstructing plug in a sinus cavity.   If there is yellow refuse, a sign of infection, take Echinacea or Astragalus or Olive Leaf extract, Vitamin C and Garlic.

Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C and Calcium and Zinc all display anti-histamine properties.

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We need to be ever vigilant in protecting ourselves from the sun and high temperatures.

Care should be taken during summer to drink considerably more, for adults two and a half litres daily to avoid dehydration, choosing water above all else to slake one’s thirst.   The loss of water by sweating, initiated  in response to elevated body temperature, may reach dramatic proportions ie 2 litres per hour.

Babies may need more than the usual drinks from the breast, supplements of boiled water may be enjoyed rather than continual feeding at close quarters to Mum’s body heat.

High temperatures may overcome the body’s heat loss mechanisms, when body temperature goes up, the affected individual is apt to suffer a series of disorders:   heat cramps followed by heat exhaustion and if that is untreated, heat stroke.

HEAT CRAMPS – there is localized muscle cramping of the extremities and occasionally of the abdomen.   The condition will abate with rest in a cool environment and adequate fluids.

HEAT EXHAUSTION – occurs with further heat retention and fluid loss.   SYMPTOMS – headache, tiredness, vomiting, rapid pulse.   Blood pressure may drop.   Heat exhaustion is treated by rest, no solids for 24 hours and fluid replacement with water and unsweetened fruit juice.

HEAT STROKE – is a medical emergency, recognized by a body temperature of up to 41 degrees Celsius, hot, dry skin, confusion, dizziness and loss of consciousness.   Immediately remove the patient’s outer clothing, place him in a cool environment and cool down with applications of cold water or ice especially to the head, neck, back and chest.   The patient should be treated with appropriate fluids containing vital electrolytes, best administered by supportive medical care, as heat stroke can cause fatal complications.

To soothe the pain of sunburn and burns, apply Aloe Vera leaf slice or Aloe Vera Gel, or Calendula ointment, Calamine of Witch Hazel preparations and cold wet packs.   Cool baths to which 2 cups Apple Cider Vinegar have been added, are very soothing.   Alternatively, you may care to try bath water, to which has been added 500 gram of corn starch.

Finally, never leave the house without applying your top quality sun block lotion, and TAKE CARE – COVER UP!   It’s amazing how many people don’t wear a hat.

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Sensitivity or allergy to wheat and other gluten containing foods is a very real issue for some people.

Nothing substitutes exactly for wheat flour but a mixture of flours works best.   Try a mixture of the following:   2/3 cup of arrowroot, 1 cup maize corn flour, 2 cups rice flour, 2 cups soya flour, 3 cups potato flour.   Store in an airtight container and one cup of the mixture to replace one cup of wheat flour.   Reduce cooking temperature by 20 degrees Celsius and increase the baking time.

Many existing recipes with wheat flour can be altered without difficulty.   For example, whenever wheat flour is used as a thickening agent as in soups or sauces, substitute corn flour, potato starch or arrowroot in half the specified amount.

Fortunately, these days many alternative types of flours are readily available in the supermarkets and health food stores.

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Spirulina is a blue-green single cell alga, microscopic in size and spiral in shape.   It thrives in warm alkaline lakes, absorbing an abundance of minerals.   To the Aztecs it was so highly prized as a sustaining food that it was used as a currency.

Today spirulina is used widely in Japan both as a food and a medicine, it is composed of 65-71% complete protein, providing all the essential amino acids, a rarity amongst plant foods.   The protein is so well balanced that it is five times easier to digest than meat or soy protein.

Like pollen, Spirulina is one of the rare plant foods to supply usable amounts of Vit B12.   In addition, it contains Vit A and E, essential fatty acids and an array of enzymes that aid digestion.   Another major constituent of Spirulina is chlorophyll, known to detoxify the liver, soothe inflammations and prevent tooth decay.

Most studies of the effects of Spirulina have been conducted in Japan, they show that it has great rejuvenating effects and produces substantial energy increases in athletes, it has a blood sugar stabilizing effect and can therefore help control diabetes.   Anemia responds to the Vit B12 and Folic acid component.   To strict vegetarians, Spirulina provides Vit B12 and complete protein and Iron.

Dieters can also use Spirulina, it’s low calorie nourishment quickly enters the blood stream and raises blood sugar levels, preventing the hypothalamus in the brain from sending out hunger messages.   This is because the protein in Spirulina contains a high proportion of phenylalanine which transforms in the brain into neurotransmitter substances which control appetite.   By taking Spirulina before a meal, dieters will find themselves eating less but adequately meeting their nutritional requirements.

Spirulina is grown and harvested in unpolluted places, it is free from environmental contaminants, pesticides and other industrial poisons.   It can be used with a higher degree of safety than many common foods.

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There is a general belief amongst marijuana users that the drug is safe, or at least no more dangerous than tobacco or alcohol.

The following article outlines the risks to overall health of the human body.

Marijuana smoke contains many of the same carcinogens and toxins found in tobacco smoke, sometimes in higher concentrations and the daily use of one to three joints appears to produce the same lung diseases and potential cancer risks as smoking five times as many cigarettes.

EFFECTS ON THE BRAIN AND CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM – changes of distribution of blood flow to the brain inducing defects of short term memory, anxiety, confusion, depression, difficulty in concentrating and thinking, affects educational development, decreased ambition.

EFFECTS ON THE IMMUNE SYSTEM – possible decrease in resistance to Herpes Simplex 2, THC prevents B cells from producing interferon, a substance the body uses to resist virus’s and cancer.  Marijuana users appear to be more susceptible to cancers of the upper jaw, larynx and head.

EFFECTS ON THE LUNGS – rebound broncho-contstriction which is very dangerous for asthmatics, worse lung damage than that caused by tobacco smoke.

EFFECTS ON HEART AND BLOOD PRESSURE – increase of up to 50% in heart rate and increases of up to 16 points in diastolic blood pressure have been reported, these effects could be quite serious in individuals with diabetes or heart disease.

EFFECTS ON REPRODUCTION AND FERTILITY – decreases blood levels of testosterone, affects sperm motility and reduces sperm counts.

Two studies conducted on children of mothers who smoked marijuana demonstrated infants were more often premature, low birth weight and were more frequently born with major defects.

Thankfully now medicinal grade marijuana can be safely prescribed by Specialist Doctors.

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Many of us enjoy an extended holiday season at this time of the year, which makes it possible to travel.

Unfortunately for some, motion sickness can dampen one’s enthusiasm.

Studies of novice civilian pilots revealed that those who ate three or less meals per day had least incidence of motion sickness.

Choose to eat a light meal three hours prior to travelling, comprising fruit and vegetables, avoiding milk products, cheese, preserved meat, corn chips, potato chips, pork, beef and eggs.

Ginger can prevent motion sickness, so also prescribed homoeopathics.

It is wise to take on a daily basis Lactobacillus Acidopholus and Bifido bacterium to encourage healthy bowel flora, plus garlic and Vitamin C, all to ward off gastro-intestinal infection.

Homoeopathics are available to effectively combat any case of diarrhoea or vomiting.

Vitamin B1 taken consistently acts as a mosquito repellant.

To seriously work on preventing any illness during your holiday, take Echinacea or Astragalus or Olive Leaf extract, these herbs cleanse and stimulate the immune system and display definite anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

Combining all of the above should see you enjoying a healthy, happy holiday.

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You may have heard of the upsurge of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

The most powerful antibiotic we have available is now too losing its’ effect against bacteria such as Golden Staph, a bacteria capable of causing death.

As a result of these manifestations enquiries are under way as to why the rate of prescription antibiotics is so high in Australia.

Thus far the bottom line appears to be that the community holds the mind set that antibiotics quickly heal illness and that society in general expects an antibiotic prescription and exerts a very real pressure on Doctors to oblige, otherwise there is an individual dis-satisfaction if such prescription is not forthcoming.

We must understand that antibiotics are effective against most bacteria only, they are of no effect against a virus, virus’ must run their course.

Many chickens and cattle are these days given antibiotics to protect the animal [dollars], we eat these antibiotics as we eat the flesh.   I suggest we try to avoid eating so much meat, chicken and beef.

Resort to visits to the Doctor for antibiotics only when quite ill and feverish, do not expect a prescription for antibiotics from every consultation.

We can boost our natural defense system by eating abundantly from the Liliaceae family, ie shallots, onion, garlic and leek.

We can tap and stimulate a gland called the Thymus, located below the junction of the two clavicle bones, which has the function of making white blood cells that fight virus and bacteria.

Herbs such as Astragalus, Echinacea and Olive Leaf , boost our natural immunity to fight virus and bacteria.

For further information on improving immunity, I invite you to make an appointment by calling me on 0427 239 676

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According to tradition, soy beans were one of the five sacred crops named by the Chinese emperor Sheng-nung, nearly 5 thousand years ago.

Recent increased interest in the health benefits of the soy bean has focused on the possible role of soy bean consumption reducing cancer risk, heart disease, menopausal symptoms ie hot flushes and osteoporosis.

Soy beans are an excellent source of fibre, Vitamin B12 and many other vitamins and minerals and they contain high amounts of proteins, including all the amino acids, which makes them an  important food for vegetarians.

The phytochemicals contained in the soybean, known as isoflavones ie Genistein and Daidzein, are the active, most beneficial components.

Asian societies eat far more soybeans than Western society, as a result these women do not seem to suffer the consequences of menopause.

In a study done at the Royal Hospital for Women NSW, nine women were given 160 mg of isoflavones daily for three months, a significant reduction occurred in several menopausal symptoms, especially hot flushes.

In another study of post menopausal women, each were fed 40 gram of soy protein daily, containing 2.25 mg of total isoflavones, which resulted in a significant increase in bone mineral content and the bone mineral density in the lumbar spine, compared to the control group.

CANCER – Isoflavones have been shown to minimise the effect of synthetic estrogens that enter the body most commonly via the food chain, therefore soybean isoflavones may help reduce incidence of breast, endometrial, ovarian, colon and rectal cancers as they are thought to be estrogen dependent.

HEART DISEASE – The effect of soy protein on a group of children’s LDL’s was demonstrated.   Compared to a standard low fat diet which can result in LDL reduction of 7 – 8%, a diet incorporating approximately 20 grams of soy protein isolate showed a decrease of 16 – 22%.

Genistein may benefit those with heart disease by its anti-clotting activity and inhibition of platelets sticking together.

Soy beans are both a nutrient packed food and an effective medicine.

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